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USB DVB-T TX Modulator transmitter generator can transmit over 300meter~0.5km by Wireless UHF

This is WINDOWS only  USB DVB-T TX dongle.


It can broadcast the video source from windows.

video source maybe video clip , usb webcam live stream, live windows desktop .

We want to let the wireless broadcast to be 300m~ 0.5KM.

We need add the Power amplifier ( PA ) to be strong the UHF signal .


USB DVB-T TX dongle +  Power amplifier + antenna is as below notice items


1. add the PA (power amplifier)

1. The distance between Power amplifier and antenna must be more than 3 meter.

2.  the placed away from the walls and railings.

    The best location of  antenna is open void (wide spacious)
   ( in my video demo, it is not 100% spacious and empty-void.)

  in my test environment, it  is not good

I use APPLE mac air + usb DVB-T RX dongle to receive the live stream from "USB DVB-T TX"

We will go to  the place that is far away the antenna about 300m

After I change the location of antenna, the wireless distance rise to 1km.

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