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MAC "Wirecast" can contorl the output resolution of UVC DEVICE. (be similar as AMCAP)

Although UVC device can work on MAC, MAC can not choice the output video resolution.

For example,

FEBON168 (1080P version) uvc HDMI grabber card have three resolution 1280x720, 1366x768, 1920x1080.

MAC skype just eat 1280x720.  we can not choice the uvc uvc output resolution.


MAC free AP " Wirecast"  can solve this problem .

This AP can control the output resolution of UVC device.

It is like the windows AMCAP.

But it is more powerful than AMCAP.

Because it can control the output resolution. 

Download link:


The experiment as below is  FEBON168 UVC HDMI grabber  as the sample.

After installing the "Wirecast ", we can choice the icon " show source setting"


   If we do not use Wirecast to control, the default uvc output resolution of MAC skype is 1280X720

After we use wirecast to contorl resolution, we can choice the 1920X1080.

Finally, we can see the video resolution is the same as Wirecast.

2.   MAC Photo booth default value is 1280X720 ;  MAC ustream is 1280X720

   You can use the Wirecast to control the default uvc resolution.

MAC ustream uvc output control.

3. The uvc resolution of  MAC Google+ Hangouts is up to 1280X720.

  If more than 1280x720, it will display black video on GOOGLE+ Hangouts.

If you choice 1280x720, Google+ Hangouts will display video.

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