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Two USB3.0 UVC capture card ( HDMI capture card / SDI capture card) work on MAC together at the same time

USB3.0 FEBON199 SDI grabber card and  USB3.0 FEBON198 HDMI grabber card work on MAC at the same time.

HDMI soure is from iPad  lightning output.

SDI source is from  HD-SDI CCTV  camera.

SDI source is  1280X720P 60FPS.

HDMI source is 1920x1080p 60fps.

Both  video stream display together on MAC AIR  with MAC OSX 10.10  .

MAC quicktime display the SDI live stream

MAC Sportscode display the HDMI  live stream .

Both USB3.0 Grabber card work together.

they just have video only.  NO audio !!

Two USB3.0 FEBON198 UVC HDMI catpure card work on WINDOWS 8.1 at the same time.

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