Keyer effects with OBS studio by FEBON169 and FEBON180 UVC hdmi capture card

I use two uvc hdmi capture card to do keyer effects

USB3.0 FEBON180 UVC HDMI capture card USB3.0 FEBON169 UVC HDMI captuer card


FEBON180 embedded audio sampling ic
we suggest you can use this grabber card be as audio source

FEBON169 DO NOT embedded audio sampling ic
we DO NOT suggest use it be as audio source

you need change the audio sampling rate in the windows audio center

Prepare the green screen  and camera

DO NOT use Canon DSLR: 
 it do not have audio . it just video.

its hdmi output do not support " clean hdmi " 
 it will show the battery icon, focus icon and etc

I use  SONY HDR-PJ675. you also can use anther DV like SONY HDR-CX450

OBS studio setting

 Youtube demo

STEP1: setup scenes

 green video source is from FEBON180

 background (blue video) video source is from FEBON169

 180-VIDEO:  to get FEOBN180 video device named HDMI GRABBER
 180-audio: to get FEBON180 audio device named  HDMI GRABBER
 169-video : to get  FEBON169 video device named  FULLHD webcam


STEP2: keyer effects

click mouse right icon " 180-VIDEO"   add filters

STEP3: add  color key

STEP4: select the green

STEP5:finish the keyer effects

STEP6:start live streaming