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Camcorder live streaming with Android phone + UVC HDMI capture card

How to livestreaming?

1.  USB3.0 FEBON180 UVC HDMI capture card x1ea

2. Gorillapod Tripod  x 2 ea

3. USB OTG line

camcorder broadcast on android phone with facebook live stremaing

Due to the Android phone CPU ability,

the livestreaming with android phone will not be better than with PC

Before you want to do livestreaming with Android + uvc hdmi captrue card, please notice as below

1. USB3.0 UVC hdmi capture card is  the same as USB2.0 uvc hdmi capture card

 Android cpu is not good.
 Usually , Android just can output 1280x720p 20fps.

  USB3.0 HDMI grabber card is almost the same as USb2.0 HDMI grabber card

2. Not all of android phone can let uvc hdmi grabber card work

   if the CPU is  Mediatek SOC  " MTXXXXX", grabber card can not work on this grabber card

3. The livestreaming from android is not better than from PC

4.at the same time, it can not charge and livestreaming with grabber card

  4.1 Android phone is Micro USB
     you can use Y OTG line.
      it just provide the power for grabber card.  it is not charge for phone


  4.2. Android phone is type C
       at the same time, it can charge for phone and provide power for grabber card

(The picture is from camerafi  company)


The power consumption test

   averge power is. 283mA 


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