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MIPI fisheye VR 360 degree camera for Raspberry pi design

Why use MIPI interface?
1.smallest video latency
2.better frame rate
3. It can use GPU
4.bandwidth is higher than USB2.0. it can transmit 19201080p 30fps without compression.

This mipi Fisheye VR 360 degree camera is design for Raspberry PI

If you can use Raspberry mipi camera well, you will also have ability to use this camera.

1. original video : two fisheye

  it is almost no video latency .

  it is about 1902x1080 30fps output.

2. After process: panoramic mode

  Due to the CPU power of Raspberry pi, its frame rate will be reduce.

  1280X720 panoramic mode is about 10fps
  1920x1080  panoramic mode is about 5 fps

Video demo :

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