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The introduction for iPad iOS APP "FEBON CAM"

FEBON cam is an APP to show Motion JPEG (MJPEG) stream from FEBON wireless small AP Router on your iPad.
The video resolution is up to HD high resolution.
Moreover, it also provide TCP/IP socket and communicate between iPAD and WIFI small AP router.

-streaming of Motion JPEG (MJPEG)
--two finger tap to video any angle rotation.
-Two finger tap to zoom in/out.
-take a shot while streaming and save t to your iPad photo gallery.
-use FEBON cam as A TCP/IP socket client

How to use

Download "FEBON CAM" from APPLE iPad  app store.

 photo IMG_0473_zpse1340962.png 


Select WIFI SSID that is FEBON  UVC WIFI Router series.

 photo IMG_0474_zpsdb378744.png


OPEN " FEBON CAM and Click the icon as below

 photo VIEW_zps7a85a6e0.jpg


Setup the  IP address and Port

If you use FEBON UVC WIFI Router series, please directly connect.

 photo IMG_0475_zps72c2317c.png

NOTE: if you do not have UVC WIFI AP router, but you also want to test video stream of APP.

This connect internet and press the test public IP address from internet. 

Click me: Public free IP address for video test


You can see the video

 photo IMG_0476_zpsb96e2963.png

Introduce the basic "CAM" function.

1. Spread

  use your finger to spread on iPad screen

 photo 87A25E555FEB71672013-02-084E0B534860515_zps029ffd5f.png

 photo IMG_0477_zpse80ed41f.png

You can also "spread", the video will digital zoom in.

2. Double Tap

 GO to main control interface

 photo 87A25E555FEB71672013-02-084E0B534860451_zps3a213213.png

 photo IMG_0476_zpsb96e2963.png

3. Rotate

   The video will rotate.

 photo 87A25E555FEB71672013-02-084E0B534860525_zps5e8f2737.png

 photo IMG_0478_zps65ecc466.png

1.USB Document camera+ FEBON220 UVC WIFI AP Router = WiFi Document camera.

2.USB microscope + FEBON 220 UVC WIFI AP ROUTER

 photo microscope-febon230_zpsae05ff82.jpg

3.  USB Microscope  +  FEBON 230  25mm x35 mm  Wireless small AP Router

 photo microscope-febon230-module_zps7a60dd22.jpg

4. SKIN / Beauty CAMERA ( Microscope )   

 This is embedded FEBON 230 25mm x35mm WIFI AP Module 

5. UVC CVBS grabber card+ UVC WIFI AP ROUTER =Wireless Video Server


Introduce the basic "SOCKET" function.

FEBON220 WIFI AP router is also an bridge between TCP/IP and  TTL ( serial interface)

You can sned message words from TTL of FEBON220  

and then communicate  message to TCP/IP socket.

on iPAD side, you can use APP "FEBON CAM" to capture the message words from TTL .

The demo is as the below.


5 意見:

匿名 提到...

請問若是透過此軟體,可將ipad利用FEBON 220顯示IPEVO P2V的畫面輸出到單槍上嗎 (透過ipad的VGA Adapter)? 謝謝。

FEBON 提到...

1.是透過 wifi

2.FEBON 220 是一個wifi 路由器

3. iOS 要 ios 6.0 以上

匿名 提到...


單槍<->ipad VGA adapter<->ipad ----WIFI網路---FEBON 220<->IPEVO P2V

不知道這樣的連接方式可行嗎? 不好意思,非常麻煩你了,謝謝。

FEBON 提到...


usb camera 的usb 連接到 febon220

然後 ipad 去連接 febon220 的wifi

這時候ipad 透過我的app febon cam

就能夠 看到 那隻webcam


匿名 提到...

你好! 那想請教一下,用您的方法,當ipad看到webcam的內容後,可以將ipad的畫面,用VGA adaptor輸出給單槍播出來嗎? 因為想在沒有其他電腦,只有ipad跟單槍的狀況下,將 IPEVO的P2V畫面投影出來。