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Taiwan Computex TAIPEI 2012 Report about Video and surveillance application

Many new technical 3C products are announced during Taiwan Computex Taipei 2012.

I am  ONLY focus on  Video or surveillance application.

1. RCA (CVBS) input  USB  Grabber Card. 

  a. 4CH CVBS input usb grabber card. 

   It is very similar to surveillance 4CH stand alone DVR.
   The idea is that they can use traditional PC to become 4ch DVR.

   But only windows XP, 7 can use!!

b. Driver free UVC grabber card. 

  This driver free UVC grabber card can work in MAC, windows xp, 7 without any driver. 


It can work in MAC without any driver

Become WIFI VIDEO server with AP router.

c. general usb grabber card.
  need install the driver.

2. Snake camera.

  a. WIFI snake camera.

    This snake  camera can work on iPAD through the WIFI.

It can let at most 4 pics iPAD connected  at the same time.

The head is big.....

b. small size snake camera.

This is very professional. This kind of snake camera care about the camera size.

The threshold diameter is 5.5mm. Bigger is made in China. small is made in Taiwan. 

3. USB 3.0 webcam product. 

  realtek announce the USB3.0 USB bridge. Just yuv/ mjpeg output but no H.264. 

  I aslo ask realtek sales if it have BT.1120 input. But their sales do not know BT.1120. 

  So I can not understand their pixel clock. !^%#...

wow!!!! 1080P full HD webcam ....... 

4. LVDS camera. 

  LVDS can solve the transmission distance problem. The distance can be up to 5M. 

5. Microscope 
   The surprise Microscope is WIFI microscope.
  The youtube demo is as below. 

Auto focus microscope is also be announced.

6. embedded system

   Most android pad maker will change consumer field into industry.

  They design many small module to combine industry application

  For example, snake camera, AOI system and etc. ...

6. DVB-T  TX

   When everyone is crazy for HDMI WIDI product, no one know  DVB-T TX is a good idea for  HDMI TX RX .

 DVB-T idea is not only for ccHDtv, but also for consumer application.

7. Document camera.

  If it combine WIFI, it will be good!!

   This Document camera is USB interface. It also make a revolution of traditional expensive  RGB output document camera.


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