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[NO root ] Samsung Galaxy Note can let UVC device work

For android application, NO Refund!!! 

I can not guarantee all of android. 

If you want to buy, you must take the risk that it can not work on android /linux.

This is from Korea apk

Device : Samsung Galaxy Note/ Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Note / Galaxy Note3.

O/S : Android 4.0.3
WebCam : Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Android phones, I did not Rooting

download from korea blog


Send me an email if you need apk

email is khch2489 at hotmail.com

But only the test version is just a shout out.

Android  UVC    information

1. [NO root required] Android 4.3 version has embeded UVC driver.

2.  [NO root ] NEXUS7 2013 vbersion with Android 4.4.2 can let UVC device work

3. [NO root ] Samsung Galaxy Note can let UVC device work

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