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Use IP camera / HDMI grabber capture card As a uvc Webcam & As Google Plus Hangouts Camera

SKYPE video conference is just for "one on one"

 How could we do " one on more"

 Google+ hangouts can support live broadcast   

 we will introduce you how to use IP camera as google plus hangouts camera.

and also use HD USB HDMI capture card as google+ hangouts video source.

1. wireless  wifi ip camera as Google+ hangouts video

The elliptic block is intranet.

We use FEBON220PLUS UVC WIFI AP ROUTER + USB fisheye camera  = WIFI fisheye camra  for this demo.

In intranet, WiFI fisheye camera can broadcast for at most 10 client ( iPad, iPhone, Android, PC WINDOWS, MAC...)

we can see the live video steam is be displayed on iPad.

 PC MAC air also can receive the live video stream in the intranet.

  We can use MAC VLC to display live video stream.

When we open MAC google+ hangouts, we can choice the "share application software". 

 we share VLC software on the google hangouts.

elliptic block is just intranet.

it can not connect the internet.

so, we need setup  the " WIFI repeat"

We will let  FEBON220 PLUS VVC WIFI AP Router to repeat the 3G router.

After click " broadcast", the VLC will be broadcast into internet.  

These are some video clip for introduce the application.


   =  Wireless document camera. 

 This application is for education.

In Classroom, Wireless document camera can broadcast 10 client ( iPad, iPhone, Android, pc ) at the same time.

one of PC can connect with google+ hangouts into internet.

 many people in the world will see the video that happen in the classroom. 

  2. FEBON220 PLUS UVC WIFI AP router+ usb fisheye camera  = Wireless fisheye camrea. 

   魚眼鏡頭的角度可以達到 180度,可以利用這個攝影機,將教室內的學生影像,即時廣播出去



不用擔心頻寬問題,因為google 提供一個免費的server.

3. FEBON220 PLUS UVC WIFI AP router+ FEBON168 usb  UVC HDMI grabber card = wireless hdmi video server

This application is for watching bird.

General speaking, to watch bird need the long focal length camera.

long focal length means it is very very sensitivity for move.

so, we need the professional  monopod to fixed the camera.

we can connect  the hdmi output of camera into wifi hdmi video server.

iPad iPhone android can see the bird without close to camera.

One PC  can connect with google plus hangouts and let video into internet.

 We use another way to let ip camera as google plus hangouts camera.

we use software " manycam".

manycam can transfer mjpeg video sream into virtual webcam.

Google+ hangouts will can get the video stream on the webcam video source.

2. Driver free UVC HDMI grabber capture card As a uvc Webcam & As  Google Plus Hangouts Camera

 UVC (usb video class) mean no driver install.

UVC is no driver for windows XP, WIN7, VSITA, WIN8 , MAC OSX

Google+ hangouts will also can get UVC webcam. (for exmaple logitech c310 c525)

UVC HDMI grabber card means it is uvc webcam like and also no driver install in MAC / WINDOWS.

We use SONY blue ray DVD as hdmi video source and connect with UVC HDMI grabbercard.

MAC air google+ hangouts will capture the hdmi source

 The below video clip is SONY PS3.

PS3 live video stream is broadcast by MAC google+ hangouts. 

Not only UVC HDMI grabber card but also FEBON100 UVC CVBS grabber can also be used in google+ hangouts.

The below video clip is be demo on USTREAM and GOOGLE plus hangouts.

windows xp  USTREAM

MAC OSX  ustream

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