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FEBON368 Hybrid USB UVC & Wireless 360 degree panoramic fisheye camera demo on MAC /iPad

 FEBON368 Hybrid fisheye camera have Wireless and USB UVC interface.

You can directly plug it into WINDOWS / MAC OSX without driver by USB UVC interface.


You also can display on iPad by Wireless 2.4G.

 Because FEBON368 is also an samll AP router!!!!

it is very easy to connect with iPad or Android.


The size is very small.

On the bottom, it embedded the very small AP router

FEBON368 Fisheye camera have four mode

 you can auto switch by the hardware key on the fisheye cam. 

1. 360 degree mode:

   The original view from fisheye lens

   Fisheye lens face to sky.    

   Fisheye lens face to  me.

2. Wide angle lens distortion compensation

    This mode will show no any distortion  for 360 degree lens



3. ePTZ  Mode

  This is One 360 degree  Panorama View and two ePTZ views

   ePTZ will auto zoom in zoom out from the panorama view

4. Video conference mode.

   You can use FEBON168  fisheye cam to catch  two people that they are face to face .


This video clip will demo live show that is how to change the mode by MAC OSX.

It also can  work on SKYPE.

Demo on iPad.

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