Wireless HDMI VIDEO server with AP router (iPad / iPhone /Android can use)

Wireless HDMI VIDEO server with AP router

FEBON168 UVC USB hdmi grabber card+ FEBON220 UVC WIFI AP Router

UVC hdmi capture card is driver free for x86 windows / Macintosh

FEBON220 UVC WIFI AP router can let MJPEG UVC webcam become wireless camera.

UVC WIFI AP Router will also let UVC hdmi grabber card become wireless hdmi video server.

I will connect the car recorder camera that is hdmi output as the video source.

Connect  the HDMI line between  car recorder camera and  wireless hdmi video server.

iPad will display the video stream from car recorder camera after linking the wireless hdmi video server

We can see the all video demo

Why connect with the hdmi output camera?

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) is professional camera. 

The video performance is very good.

These professional camera also have the hdmi output. 

For example:

 If we want to see bird, we need use DSLR with telephoto lens to see.

We can use Wireless hdmi video server to let several tablet to see  at the same time.