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The report of Taiwan Taipei computex 2013 exhibition

I wrote the security surveillance show  before.

Due to the security field is very close to consumer recently.

So, This is my first time to write the report of Taiwan Taiepi computex 2013 exhibition.

The content is video application.


1. Android host  machine

1.1  Google glass prototype

 These google glass prototype have two application.

One is for " glass application"

That means your eyes can see the real view and android video at the same time. 

  The other application just see the android video  through the glass.

1.2 Android tv box that can connect USB UVC webcam.

  For standard android box, it can not connect with USB UVC webcam.

 The below demo show that it can connect with uvc webcam.

2. USB accessory

2.1 thunderbolt to usb 3.0 HUB adapter 

 The most manufacturer of Thunderbolt is just for storage or display application.

 Just one company demo thunderbolt to USB 3.0 HUB adapter


   Thunderbolt to USB3.0 and  HDMI

2.2 USB 3.0 webcam

  Chip manufacturer  realtek promotes the 8M YUV/ MJPEG USB 3.0 bridge.

 I think its application is for TV camera market.

 H.264 USB bridge is opposite to MJPEG / YUV usb bridge.

who will make H.264 usb bridge?

Two situation!

First situation:

chip maker think they can design in tv camera market.

but SOC tv platform is too strong. the h.264 compression can from soc platform.

So, this kind of maker will lose the tv market in future.

second situation.

chip maker is just for niche market.

Maybe external usb webcam or surveillance

H.264 usb bridge

2.3   DVB-T dvb-t Modulator transmitter

  This DVB-T Modulator can let TS video file from pc or pc screen broadcast to DVB-T UHF channel. 

Application system diagram is as below. 

 PC connect with usb DVB-T tx dongle and video will be broadcast to DVB-T UHF channel.

 DVB-T RX box will receive it and display on TV. 

  There are two demo

  To broadcast the TS video file from pc

 The another is " pc to tv"

PC screen video will real time be broadcast.

PC must compression video stream into H.264. 


2.4 The wireless USB dongle bridge between MAC OSX and windows


3. Special camera

3.1 SKYPE IP camera

   This camera is embedded skype.

   If this skype ip camera can go to internet, you can call this camera by skype.

   Every one  have skype account.  This way will easily to monitor by skype 


3.2  wireless telescope for iPad / iPhone


3.3  Wireless SKIN microscope for iPad /iPhone


3.4  檢測 CCTV 960H 攝影機 的無線 伺服器

   一般的 CVBS 分成  NTSC 和 PAL

   NTSC  的數位解析度是 720X480, PAL 720x576

   在安全監控的世界中,SONY 搞出一個非標準的 CVBS.

   號稱NTSC 可以做成 960X480  PAL 960x576 ,



   答案是否定的。  因為一般電視或是 消費性的 CVBS input 的RCA端口,

   只能夠解出  NTSC 720x480, PAL 720x576

這個世界上到底誰有真正看過 960H?



  他抓準了不容易檢測出來,甚至有人做出山寨版的 960h

   因此,會場上有人做出 號稱可以檢測出 960h的檢測儀器

  不需要安裝驅動程式,就可以輕易的在iPad 或是  Android 觀看


3.5  DVB-T UHF  TX camera

  This camera can connect through wireless or coaxial cable.

  The RF channel is  UHF  and follow standard DVB-T format.


3.6  Time Lapse camera 

   This " time lapse camera" can combine with microscope.

4. Multimedia video grabber equipment

4.1  Professional video stream live edit equipment. 
   This equipment is lie Notebook.  It can capture HDMI, SDI, CVBS.

     And it also own the multimedia professional software.  


4.2 Professional Post-production equipment.

  it can take SDI and HDMI.



4.3 UVC driver free  CVBS capture card.

   it can work on MAC OSX and  windows any version WITHOUT installing driver.

   it also can work on android OS if you develop the UVC driver in it.

   For example, ASUS NEXUS 7.



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