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USB CVBS AV capture card ( grabber card) works on Android NEXUS 7 (UVC webcam Compliant)

USB CVBS capture card can directly plug in NEXUS 7 tablet.

Before you plug in,  please root your NEXUS 7 tablet


 and then build in your UVC  apk.

How to build in  UVC apk?

you can download APK from the link.


And then, your UVC webcam  ( for example, logitech C525 C310 ) can work on NEXUS 7.

How to check you build in UVC apk successfully?

If your UVC webcam can work, it means you has build in UVC apk successfully

If your webcam can work, FEBON 100 UVC grabber card will also works on NEXUS 7.

FEBON 100 UVC grabber card is uvc compliant.

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