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Compatible for Lumens DC-A11 Wireless Ladybug Flyer (DCA11 wireless dock accessory for DC120 document camera

It is 100% compatible  for DC-A11 Wireless ladybug accessory.

FEBON220 can let Lumens DC120 document camera display on .....

iPAD /iPhone/ MAC air/ PC /android at the same time.

NOT only  Lumens DC120 document camera  can become Wirlesse but also IPEVO P2V
(Point 2 view) document  camera can.

It is very easy to setup!!

The demo smple is using IPEVO  P2V (point 2 view ) document camera

It is cheaper than  Lumens DC-A11 Wireless Ladybug.

Lumens DC-A11 price  is about USD 350...

FEBON220 UVC WIFI AP Router  price is USD ...   ( without Battery)

contact me / paypal account is as below


NOTE: iOS6 for  iPAD/iPhone CAN NOT use

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