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Driver free UVC A/V CVBS video USB grabber card.

Features Specification

l          Driver free (USB Video Class) for any OS (windows XPVistawin7, Linux any version, MAC OS, android). Webcam Like device.

l          Compatible for Directshow.
l          Play & Plug with USB Video Class for USB 2.0
l          Auto detect A/V CVBS NTSC / PAL input
l          Frame rate: NTSC for 30fps / PAL for 25fps
l          Resolution:640x480
l          Output format: YUV422 raw data / MJPEG
l          Audio Interface: Build in stereo ADC for audio recording ,RCA X 2
l          Build in 3D comb filter, 3D de-interlace
l          Optional special function for surveillance: De-fog and digital wide dynamic range
l          Live video calls with MSN MessengerSKYPE and YouTube for any OS type
l          Release the SDK &API for AP development 


l          Home surveillance & DIY system for UVC router or any UVC equipment.
l          Video capture and Live transmit by MSN / SKYPE through UVC
l          Compact size perfect for travel and portable use.

Youtube Sample

The demo ofDRVIER FREE grabber card in windows xp 

The Demo of Driver free grabber in apple mac os x

Key Advantage

WITHOUT 3D de-interlace

3D de-interlace

2 意見:

小亮 提到...

你好,想請問一下如果我購買一台buffalo可support外接USB的router(如:WZR-HP-G450H),接上你這usb grabber card,router能認到這device和可作IPcam嗎??

FEBON 提到...

hi 小亮

因為他沒有將uvc driver 弄進去

我有一款 FEBON220 他是可以吃uvc