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China CCD IP CAM Solution

IP CAM divides into two parts. One is CMOS and another is CCD
CMOS IP CAM is focus on retail or DIY market. CCD IP CAM is focus on system Integration Company.

I will introduce the CCD IP cam solution in this topic.In Shenzhen, hundreds of CCTV maker do not have technical about transmission of IP cam. The fast way to develop IP Cam is compression module. They do not have any transmission technical but they also product CCD IP cam

CCD camera module’s composite output will connect to MPEG4 Module and trough the RS-485 to do PTZ control.

CCD Module’s price is about US$25 (Depending on difference ISP, they have difference price); MPEG4 module‘s price is about US$60. The total bom cost is below US$100.
Of courses the H.264 module is more expensive than MPEG-4 module, it is about US$70.

I am very confused. AVS compression type is for China only. But I do not find H/W base AVS compression.
It is said that about 5 ic design house start to develop AVS H/W base SOC.

Please see the below companies.
1. Spreadtrum
2. Shanghai Longjing Microelectronics
3. ST
4. Envivio
5. Broadcom
But we still not find AVS IP CAM in the market.

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