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external camcorder with iPhone Backpack for TWITCH IRL live stream

How to use external camcorder to do the best IRL livestreaming
  1. iPhone and camciorder can live streaming and charge at the same time

  2. livstreaming resolution is up to 1920x1080p 3000kbps~10000kbps 
    (depend on internet)

  3. add logo

  4. stable : it is best to use wire connecting with iOS... it is not good for use wifi conneting

IRL live streaming equipment

1. camcorder:
   eg: GoPro hero 7,  SONY X3000R, SONY AS300,  SONY camcorder ...

2. FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card fo iOS use

3. power bank
     I suggest you can use high power capacity

Turn your iPad as Monitor for FPV camera

How to let your iPad iPhone as screen for FPV camera?

you can use wireless to let iOS receive.

For WiFI idea, it is not stabe

Could we use wire lightning connecting for iOS ?

iPhone iPad  for FPV receiver:

we can use uvc webcam to lightning OTG + uvc CVBS capture card

it will beocme  "composite to lightning"

uvc webcam to lightning adpater: