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How connect external camera display or live streming to iPhone iPad

  Is it possible to let external camera to the iPhone iPad (iOS)?

external camera can be divided two part

item 1. HDMI CVBS (TV out)

    eg:  SONY camcorder, GoPro hero 5 hero 6.... a

item 2.  external USB uvc webcam camera output

    eg: usb logitech webcam C310 C525 ...

HOW to Turn USB webcam to HDMI (TV out)

Product 1:
Logitech webcam to HDMI adapter
Buy here 

1. design for all of Logitech webcam

2. good video frame rate for Logitech cam

3. Turn on Time is about 15 sec
 (DO NOT need USB mouse)

4. DO Not have good compatible for anther webcam

 Product 2:
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1. Turn on time is 11 sec
(DO NOT need USB mouse)

2. Not only be for Logitech cam but also for anther webcam

3. video frame is not better for Logitech webcam

Product 3:
Buy here 

(Need USB mouse)

1. Good UVC webcam compatible
  (Not only be for Logitech cam but also  for anther webcam)

2. cost economic  

3. good video frame rate

4. turn on time is about 40 sec

5.Need USB mouse

 Product 1: Logitech webcam / MEVO START  to hdmi adapter

How to buy?

1. it just need 14 sec!

2. Do not use keyboard & Mouse
3. Good video frame rate for Logitech webcam / MEVO start

4. Good video frame rate for IPEVO V4K / DO-CAM document camera 

WORK for 100% sure
(usb webcam  MUST be at least uvc 1280x720 30fps mjpg output)
Logitech c270, c310,c525, c92x, c93x,
BCC950 , Brio 4k,
Microsoft webcam
AVer CAM340+  , AVer CAM520 PRO
China low-end USB WEBCAM ( DO NOT have 1280x720 mjpg)

1.  FEBON Logitech webcam is 100% compatible for  Logitech webcam series
  eg: c310, c525, c270, Brio 4k, c930, c922  , BCC950. & MEVO Start camera
  Turn Logitech Brio 4k CAM into hdmi with TV 

 Turn C930 / C922 Into hdmi output and connect with video switcher atem mini


2. We do not make sure if another usb camera  can work on this adapter
Turn MEVO start into HDMI with TV 

Turn MEVO start into HDMI with VIDEO switcher atem mini

Turn IPEVO DO-CAM to hdmi and connect with hdmi video switcher atem mini

Turn IPEVO v4k ultra-hd to hdmi and connect with hdmi video switcher atem mini


Product 2: usb webcam to hdmi adapter

How to buy?

" uvc webcam to hdmi adapter without usb mouse"

1. it just need 11 sec!


Product 3: usb webcam to hdmi adapter, need USB mouse

How to buy?

1.need usb mouse
2. turn on time is about 40sec

How to let USB UVC webcam to become HDMI output and dispaly on TV?

You can use "FEBON uvc webcam to hdmi adapter"

USB UVC webcam camera convert to HDMI and display on TV

   This box  can let uvc usb webcam become hdmi output

"UVC webcam to hdmi" have many detail technical problem to be solve

1. UVC Webcam video stream

   UVC webcam have  YUV  and MJPG  stream

   YUV means no compression . MJPG menas compression stream.

   YUV  video frame rate will be slower than MJPG video frame rate.

   Each YUV and each MJPG also have difference resolution.

   if you catch 640X 480 resolution, the resolution is bad.

   The best uvc stream that be caught  is  MJPG  1280X720.

    The reason is as below

     reason 1: the frame rate can be 30fps

     reason 2 : the video resolution is HD. video performance is better.

          if you caugh 1920x1080 uvc, the frame rate will be reduce.

2. HDMI output is  1920X1080P

    After getting the uvc stream,  it will be convert to 1920x1080p hdmi output.

        We can not fixed the uvc resoution and uvc format and uvc frame rate.

   so, it must have the ability that can let all of kind of uvc resolution  become  1920x1080p  full HD hdmi output.


如何讓GoPro HERO 7 Black 在iPhone iPad實況直播

GoPro hero 7 black內建的app "gopro" 可以讓gopro hero 7 black直接用wifi 連接
透過iPad iPhone做實況直播




 沒有youtube twitch 直播,必須要透過手動貼上rtmp串流碼才能進行直播