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FEBON iCAPTURE HDMIキャプチャデバイス スマホ+デジカメでライブ live 生放送配信(iPhone iOS専用)

HOW to Buy:

FEBON iCAPTURE card for iPhone (iOS) use with live streaming and iPad as tv monitor

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[金屬殼] FEBON iCAPTURE HDMI 擷取卡 擷取器 擷取盒 iPhone iOS專用接攝影機臉書直播





FEBON HDMI iCapture card for iOS ( iPhone / iPad) with live stream use


FEBON iCAPTURE HDMIキャプチャデバイス スマホ+デジカメでライブ live 生放送配信(iPhone iOS専用)



[メタルコート] FEBON iCAPTURE HDMIキャプチャデバイススマホ+デジカメでライブ配信(iPhone iOS専用)


ビデオカメラ →FEBON iCAPTURE キャプチャデバイス →iPhone iPad

→ TWITCH Live / facebook Live / Youtube Live 生放送配信

ipad as 2nd external monitor & live streaming for PC / MAC at the same time iPad as TV monitor Camcorder be live streaming with mobile phone and how to be packaged in bag
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1. コンパクト三脚と使うことができる
2. 高品質なライブ配信ができて、bit rateも選べます!

App: MediaLink Live

2.YOUTUBEのアカウントでライブ live 生放送配信
3.Facebookのアカウントでライブ live 生放送配信


1. iPhone iOS専用HDMIキャプチャデバイス
2. Apple Lightning - USBカメラアダプタ
3.入出力USB電源アダプタ ( DC 5V 2.1A  x 2 Port)
4. lighting extend cable

iPad as Monitor or live streaming by HDMI to lightning wire connetor

You can let UVC devcie to display on iOS ( iPad iPhone)

UVC device means uvc webcam ,  uvc grabber card and etc

if you connect the UVC HDMI capture card, it can let hdmi source display on iOS

USE Limitation

1. No Audio and no live streaming
2.some iPad /iPhone CAN NOT charge and use at the same time
3. Some iPad /iPhone  will show error message. 
   But it still can use

Product compatible
1. iOS9 ~ iOS11
2. iPhone 5 C level up

iOS app: "WIFI image"
1. live show video  ( No Audio)
3. still picture
4. UVC resolution can be selected

Product component
1. FEBON180 UVC HDMI GRABBER CARD  ( HDMI to UVC webcam like)

3. DC 5V power adapter

Camcorder be live streaming with iOS (iPhone iPad)

There are two way to let camcorder be live streaming with iOS

1. FEBON iCapture hdmi grabber card be live streaming with iOS


its live steaming can be up to 1920x1080p 30fps and very smooth.

facebook live can be as personal , group and fans 

FEBON iCapture card is for iOS use

OS requirement : iOS 10.3 later
iPhone requirement: iPhone 5s
iPad requirement : iPad AIR

iOS app: mediaLink live (2018/02/10 update)

1. support custom RTMP
2. Support auto login Youtube live
3. Support auto  login  facebook live

1. iPhone HDMI iCapture grabber card  with metal case
2. USB3.0 TYPE A to TYPE A x 2 ea. ( one is for backup)
3. Lightning to USB3.0 convert
4. xiaomi 2 port USB DC power adapter  (5V 3.6A)
5. micro usb line (5V 2A)
6. camera bracket

2. Camcorder be live streaming with iOS by HDMI to lightning converter

 HDMI to lightning converter=
FEBON180 UVC HDMI grabber card +  uvc webcam to lightning converter 

iPad當成攝影機單眼相機DSLR的螢幕(不需要越獄JB Jailbroken)


不需要買外接螢幕,可以讓iPad 當成攝影機單眼相機的螢幕觀景螢幕

CANON 500d 

SONY  攝影機 PJ675

GoPro hero5  運動攝影機

USB攝影機經由UVC webcam轉iOS Lighnting 轉換器可在iPad用有線方式顯示影像

你有沒有曾經想過是否一般的usb webcam攝像頭可以透過iPad iPhone的Lightning來連接呢?
羅技 logitech C310 C525 usb攝影機
iPEVO P2V愛比文件攝影機

現在,可以使用" UVC WEBCAM轉Lightning"轉換器,


USB UVC webcam to wire lightning converter for iOS iPhone / iPad

How to buy iOS usb webcam OTG adapter ?


Model 1: Metal case

Model 2: PCBA ONY

Do you ever think if usb webcam can connect with iPhone by lightning connector?

logitech C310 C525 usb webam
iPEVO P2V webcam

you can let usb uvc camera connect with iPhone iPad by wire lightning connector

How to buy from FEBON shop?

USB UVC webcam to lightning converter for iOS iPhone / iPad